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Right of action not releasedPenalties cumulative.

This title shall not have the effect to release or waive any right of action by the state or any person for any right, penalty or forfeiture which may have arisen or may hereafter arise under any law of this state; and all penalties accruing under this title shall be cumulative of each other, and a suit for the recovery of one penalty shall not be a bar to the recovery of any other: PROVIDED, That no contract, receipt, rule or regulation shall exempt any corporation engaged in transporting livestock by railway from liability of a common carrier, or carrier of livestock which would exist had no contract, receipt, rule or regulation been made or entered into.
[ 1961 c 14 § 81.04.470. Prior: 1911 c 117 § 104; RRS § 10453. Formerly RCW 81.04.470 and 81.04.480.]
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