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Where state land is involvedService of processFiling of decreeDuty of land commissioner.

In all condemnation proceedings brought for the purpose of appropriating any public land owned by the state or in which the state has an interest, service of process shall be made upon the commissioner of public lands.
When in any condemnation proceeding a decree is entered appropriating public lands owned by the state or in which the state has an interest, or any interest in or rights over such lands, it shall be the duty of the plaintiff to cause to be filed in the office of the commissioner of public lands a certified copy of such decree, together with a plat of the lands appropriated and the lands contiguous thereto, in form and substance as prescribed and required by the commissioner of public lands, showing in detail the lands appropriated, and to pay to the commissioner of public lands, or into the registry of the court, the amount of compensation and damages fixed and awarded in the decree. Upon receipt of such decree, plat, compensation and damages, the commissioner of public lands shall examine the same, and if he or she shall find that the final decree and proceedings comply with the original petition and notice and any amendment duly authorized, and that no additional interest of the state has been taken or appropriated through error or mistake, he or she shall cause notations thereof to be made upon the abstracts, records and tract books in his or her office, and shall issue to the plaintiff his or her certificate, reciting compliance, in substance, with the above requirements, particularly describing the lands appropriated, and shall forthwith transmit the amount received as compensation and damages to the state treasurer, as in the case of sale of land, and the subdivision of land through which any right-of-way is appropriated shall thereafter be sold or leased subject to the right-of-way.
[ 2011 c 336 § 284; 1927 c 255 § 104; RRS § 7797-104. Formerly RCW 8.28.010 and 8.28.020.]
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