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(1) The purposes of this chapter are:
(a) To establish a uniform policy for the fair and equitable treatment of persons displaced as a direct result of public works programs of the state and local governments in order that such persons shall not suffer disproportionate injuries as a result of programs designed for the benefit of the public as a whole and to minimize the hardship of displacement on such persons;
(b) To encourage and expedite the acquisition of real property for public works programs by agreements with owners, to reduce litigation and relieve congestion in the courts, to assure consistent treatment for owners affected by state and local programs, and to promote public confidence in state and local land acquisition practices;
(c) To require the state, local public agencies, and other persons who have the authority to acquire property by eminent domain under state law to comply with the provisions of chapter 213, Laws of 2017 in order to assure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons and property owners impacted by public projects.
(2) Any determination by the head of a state agency or local public agency administering a program or project as to payments under this chapter is subject to review pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW; otherwise, no provision of this chapter may be construed to give any person a cause of action in any court.
(3) Unless otherwise prohibited by law, any state or local public agency providing a grant, loan, or matching funds for any program or project that displaces persons who are eligible for relocation assistance under this chapter may not limit, restrict, or otherwise prohibit grant, loan, or matching fund money from being used for any required relocation assistance payments.
(4) The governing body of any local public agency may elect not to comply with the provisions of RCW 8.26.035 through 8.26.115 in connection with a program or project not receiving federal financial assistance initiated on or before December 31, 2017.
(5) Nothing in this chapter may be construed as creating in any condemnation proceedings brought under the power of eminent domain, any element of value or of damage not in existence immediately before March 16, 1988.


Section captions1988 c 90: "Section captions and part divisions in this act do not constitute any part of the law." [ 1988 c 90 § 19.]
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