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Strategic planFunding eligibilityRegional coordination and cooperative effortsData collection and exchange.

Subject to available resources, the recreation and conservation funding board may:
(1) Prepare and update a strategic plan for the development, maintenance, and improvement of community outdoor athletic fields in the state. In the preparation of such plan, the board may use available data from federal, state, and local agencies having community outdoor athletic responsibilities, user groups, private sector interests, and the general public. The plan may include, but is not limited to:
(a) An inventory of current community outdoor athletic fields;
(b) A forecast of demand for these fields;
(c) An identification and analysis of actual and potential funding sources; and
(d) Other information the board deems appropriate to carry out the purposes of RCW 79A.25.800 through 79A.25.830;
(2) Determine the eligibility requirements for cities, counties, and qualified nonprofit organizations to access funding from the youth athletic facility account created in RCW 43.99N.060(4);
(3) Encourage and provide opportunities for interagency and regional coordination and cooperative efforts between public agencies and between public entities and nonprofit organizations involved in the maintenance, development, and improvement of community outdoor athletic fields; and
(4) Create and maintain data, studies, research, and other information relating to community outdoor athletic fields in the state, and to encourage the exchange of this information.


Reviser's note: RCW 82.14.0494 expired August 1, 2020. Therefore, this section expired August 1, 2021.
IntentEffective date2007 c 241: See notes following RCW 79A.25.005.
Contingent expiration date2003 c 126 §§ 701 and 702: See note following RCW 79A.25.800.
Part headings not lawEffective date2003 c 126: See notes following RCW 79A.05.385.
SeverabilityContingent expiration date1998 c 264: See notes following RCW 79A.25.800.
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