Chapter 79A.25 RCW


(Formerly: Interagency committee for outdoor recreation)


HTMLPDF 79A.25.005PolicyMission of board.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.020Director's powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.030Proportion of motor vehicle fuel tax moneys that are tax on marine fuel.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.040Marine fuel tax refund accountMoneys derived from tax on marine fuelRefunding and placement in accountException.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.050Marine fuel tax refund accountClaims for refunds paid from.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.060Outdoor recreation accountDeposits.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.070Recreation resource account, motor vehicle fundTransfers of moneys from marine fuel tax account.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.080Recreation resource accountDistribution of moneys transferred.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.090Interest on funds granted by board to be returned to source account.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.100Conversion of marine recreation land to other usesApprovalSubstitution.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.110Recreation and conservation funding boardCreatedMembershipTermsCompensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.120Plans for public outdoor recreation land acquisition or improvementContentsSubmissionRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.130Participation in federal programsAuthority.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.140Commitments or agreements forbidden unless sufficient funds availableAgreements with federal agencies on behalf of state or local agenciesConditions.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.150Assistance furnished by state departmentsAppointment of director and personnelCivil service exemption.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.170Public parks and recreation sites guide.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.180Public parks and recreation sites guideReview and update.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.190Appropriations by subsequent legislatures.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.200Recreation resource account.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.210Firearms range accountGrant programRules.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.230Firearms range accountGifts and grants.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.240Grants and loan administration.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.250Acquisition, development, etc., of urban area parks by recreation and conservation funding board.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.260Habitat and recreation lands coordinating groupMembersProgress reportsDuties.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.300Findings.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.310Washington invasive species councilCreated.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.320Washington invasive species councilMembership.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.330Washington invasive species councilGoals.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.340Washington invasive species councilStatewide strategic plan.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.350Washington invasive species councilBiennial report.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.360Washington invasive species councilAdvisory and technical committees authorized.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.800Intent.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.820Strategic planFunding eligibilityRegional coordination and cooperative effortsData collection and exchange.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.830Gifts, grants, or endowments.
HTMLPDF 79A.25.902Short title.