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Assistance furnished by state departmentsAppointment of director and personnelCivil service exemption.

When requested by the board, members employed by the state shall furnish assistance to the board from their departments for the analysis and review of proposed plans and projects, and such assistance shall be a proper charge against the appropriations to the several agencies represented on the board. Assistance may be in the form of money, personnel, or equipment and supplies, whichever is most suitable to the needs of the board.
The director of the recreation and conservation office shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the governor. The governor shall select the director from a list of three candidates submitted by the board. However, the governor may request and the board shall provide an additional list or lists from which the governor may select the director. The director shall have background and experience in the areas of recreation and conservation management and policy. The director shall be paid a salary to be fixed by the governor in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.03.040. The director shall appoint such personnel as may be necessary to carry out the duties of the office. Not more than three employees appointed by the director shall be exempt from the provisions of chapter 41.06 RCW.
[ 2010 c 128 § 7; 2007 c 241 § 51; 1989 c 237 § 3; 1981 c 206 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 62 § 3; 1965 c 5 § 13 (Initiative Measure No. 215, approved November 3, 1964). Formerly RCW 43.99.130.]


IntentEffective date2007 c 241: See notes following RCW 79A.25.005.
Effective date1989 c 237: See note following RCW 79A.25.005.
Effective date1981 c 206: See note following RCW 79A.25.110.
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