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Second-class shorelandsPlatting of certain shorelands of Lake Washington for use as harbor areaEffect.

It is the duty of the department to plat for the public use harbor area in front of the portions of the shorelands of Lake Washington sold as second-class shorelands by the state of Washington as in the opinion of the department are necessary for the use of the public as harbor area. However, this section and RCW 79.125.530 shall not be construed to authorize the department to change the location of any inner or outer harbor line or the boundaries or location of, or to replat any harbor area platted under and by virtue of sections 1 and 2, chapter 183, Laws of 1913, and the title to all shorelands purchased from the state as second-class shorelands is confirmed to the purchaser, the purchaser's heirs and assigns, out to the inner harbor line established and platted under sections 1 and 2, chapter 183, Laws of 1913, or which shall be established and platted under RCW 79.125.510 and 79.125.530, and all reservations shown upon the plat made and filed pursuant to sections 1 and 2, chapter 183, Laws of 1913, are declared null and void, except reservations shown for harbor area, and reservations in the harbor area, and reservations across shorelands for traversed streets which were extensions of streets existing across shorelands at the time of filing of such plat. The department shall in platting the harbor area make a new plat showing all the harbor area on Lake Washington already platted under sections 1 and 2, chapter 183, Laws of 1913, and under sections 1 and 2, chapter 150, Laws of 1917, and upon the adoption of any new plat by the board acting as the harbor line commission, and the filing of the plat in the department's Olympia office, the title to all the harbor areas so selected shall remain in the state of Washington, and the harbor areas shall not be sold, but may be leased as provided for by law relating to the leasing of the harbor area.
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