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Tidelands and shorelandsNotice of filing plat and record of appraisalAppeal.

(1) The department shall, before filing in the department's Olympia office the plat and record of appraisal of any tidelands or shorelands platted and appraised by it, publish a notice once each week for four consecutive weeks in a newspaper published and of general circulation in the county where the lands covered by the plat and record are situated, stating that the plat and record, describing it, is complete and subject to inspection at the department's Olympia office, and will be filed on a certain day to be named in the notice.
(2) Any person entitled to purchase under RCW 79.125.200 and claiming a preference right of purchase of any of the tidelands or shorelands platted and appraised by the department, and who feels aggrieved at the appraisement fixed by the department upon the lands, or any part thereof, may within sixty days after the filing of the plat and record in the department's Olympia office (which shall be done on the day fixed in the notice), appeal from the appraisement to the superior court of the county in which the tidelands or shorelands are situated, in the manner provided for taking appeals from orders or decisions under RCW 79.105.160.
(3) The prosecuting attorney of any county, or city attorney of any city, in which the aquatic lands are located, shall at the request of the governor, appeal on behalf of the state, or the county, or city, from any appraisal in the manner provided in this section. Notice of the appeal shall be served upon the commissioner, and the department must immediately notify all persons entitled to purchase under RCW 79.125.200 and claiming a preference right to purchase the lands subject to the appraisement.
(4) Any party, other than the state or the county or city appealing, shall execute a bond to the state with sufficient surety, to be approved by the department, in the sum of two hundred dollars conditioned for the payment of costs on appeal.
(5) The superior court to which an appeal is taken shall hear evidence as to the value of the lands appraised and enter an order confirming, or raising, or lowering the appraisal appealed from, and the clerk of the court shall file a certified copy in the department's Olympia office. The appraisal fixed by the court shall be final.
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