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First or second-class tidelands and shorelandsAppraisalRecord.

In appraising tidelands or shorelands, the department shall appraise each lot, tract, or piece of land separately, and shall maintain a description of each lot, tract, or piece of first or second-class tidelands or shorelands, its full appraised value, the area and rate per acre at which it was appraised, and if any lot is covered in whole or in part by improvements in actual use for commerce, trade, residence, or business, on or prior to, the date of the plat or replat, the department shall enter the name of the owner, or reputed owner, the nature of the improvements, the area covered by the improvements, the portion of each lot, tract, or piece of land covered, and the appraised value of the land covered, with and exclusive of, the improvements.
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