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Management of certain aquatic lands by port districtAgreementRentModel management agreement.

(1) Upon request of a port district, the department and port district may enter into an agreement authorizing the port district to manage state-owned aquatic lands abutting or used in conjunction with and contiguous to uplands owned, leased, or otherwise managed by a port district, for port purposes as provided in Title 53 RCW. The agreement shall include, but not be limited to, provisions defining the specific area to be managed, the term, conditions of occupancy, reservations, periodic review, and other conditions to ensure consistency with the state Constitution and the policies of this chapter. If a port district acquires operating management, lease, or ownership of real property which abuts state-owned aquatic lands currently under lease from the state to a person other than the port district, the port district shall manage state-owned aquatic lands if: (a) The port district acquires the leasehold interest in accordance with state law, or (b) the current lessee and the department agree to termination of the current lease to accommodate management by the port. The administration of state-owned aquatic lands covered by a management agreement shall be consistent with the aquatic land policies of chapters 79.105 through 79.140 RCW and the implementing rules adopted by the department. The administrative procedures for management of the lands shall be those of Title 53 RCW.
(2) No rent is due the state for the use of state-owned aquatic lands managed under this section for water-dependent or water-oriented uses. If a port district manages state-owned aquatic lands under this section and either leases or otherwise permits any person to use the lands, the rental fee attributable to the state-owned aquatic land only shall be comparable to the rent charged lessees for the same or similar uses by the department. However, a port district need not itemize for the lessee any charges for state-owned aquatic lands improved by the port district for use by carriers by water. If a port leases state-owned aquatic lands to any person for nonwater-dependent use, eighty-five percent of the revenue attributable to the rent of the state-owned aquatic land only shall be paid to the state.
(3) Upon application for a management agreement, and so long as the application is pending and being diligently pursued, no rent is due the department for the lease by the port district of state-owned aquatic lands included within the application for water-dependent or water-oriented uses.
(4) The department and representatives of the port industry shall develop a proposed model management agreement which shall be used as the basis for negotiating the management agreements required by this section. The model management agreement shall be reviewed and approved by the board.
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