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Gifts of aquatic landProcedures and criteria.

(1) The department is authorized to accept gifts of aquatic land within the state, including tidelands, shorelands, harbor areas, and the beds of navigable waters, which shall become part of the state-owned aquatic land base. Consistent with RCW 79.105.030, the department must develop procedures and criteria that state the manner in which gifts of aquatic land, received after July 27, 2003, may occur. No gift of aquatic land may be accepted until: (a) An appraisal of the value of the land has been prepared; (b) an environmental site assessment has been conducted; and (c) the title property report has been examined and approved by the attorney general of the state. The results of the appraisal, the site assessment, and the examination of the title property report must be submitted to the board before the department may accept a gift of aquatic land.
(2) The authorization to accept gifts of aquatic land within the state extends to aquatic land accepted as gifts prior to July 27, 2003.
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