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Chinook and coho salmonExternal marking of hatchery-produced fishFindings.

The legislature declares that the state has a vital interest in the continuation of recreational fisheries for chinook salmon and coho salmon in mixed stock areas, and that the harvest of hatchery origin salmon should be encouraged while wild salmon should be afforded additional protection when required. A program of selective harvest shall be developed utilizing hatchery salmon that are externally marked in a conspicuous manner, regulations that promote the unharmed release of unmarked fish, when and where appropriate, and a public information program that educates the public about the need to protect depressed stocks of wild salmon.
The legislature further declares that the establishment of other incentives for commercial fishing and fish processing in Washington will complement the program of selective harvest in mixed stock fisheries anticipated by this legislation.
[ 1995 c 372 § 1. Formerly RCW 75.08.500.]
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