Chapter 77.95 RCW



HTMLPDF 77.95.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 77.95.020Long-term regional policy statements.
HTMLPDF 77.95.030Salmon enhancement planEnhancement projects.
HTMLPDF 77.95.040Commission to monitor enhancement projects and enhancement plan.
HTMLPDF 77.95.050"Enhancement project" defined.
HTMLPDF 77.95.060Regional fisheries enhancement group authorized.
HTMLPDF 77.95.070Regional fisheries enhancement groupsGoals.
HTMLPDF 77.95.080Regional fisheries enhancement groupsIncorporation prerequisites.
HTMLPDF 77.95.090Regional fisheries enhancement group accountRevenue sources, uses, and limitations.
HTMLPDF 77.95.100Regional fisheries enhancement groupsStart-up funds.
HTMLPDF 77.95.130Regional fisheries enhancement salmonid recovery accountCreated.
HTMLPDF 77.95.140Skagit river salmon recovery plan.
HTMLPDF 77.95.150Coordination with regional enhancement groupsFindings.
HTMLPDF 77.95.160Fish passage barrier removal boardMembershipDuties.
HTMLPDF 77.95.170Salmonid fish passageRemoving impedimentsGrant programAdministrationDatabase directory.
HTMLPDF 77.95.180Fish passage barrier removal program.
HTMLPDF 77.95.185Local fish passage barrier removalCompensatory mitigation preferenceMitigation framework for off-site and out-of-kind barriersIn lieu fee program.
HTMLPDF 77.95.190Field testing of remote site incubators.
HTMLPDF 77.95.200Remote site incubator programReports to the fish and wildlife commission.
HTMLPDF 77.95.210Sale of surplus salmon eggsOrder of priority.
HTMLPDF 77.95.220Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 77.95.230Director's determination of salmon production costs.
HTMLPDF 77.95.240State purchase of private salmon smolts.
HTMLPDF 77.95.250State purchase of private salmon smoltsBids.
HTMLPDF 77.95.260State purchase of private salmon smoltsPrivate ocean ranching not authorized.
HTMLPDF 77.95.270State purchase of private salmon smoltsAvailability of excess salmon eggs.
HTMLPDF 77.95.280Chinook and coho salmonExternal marking of hatchery-produced fishFindings.
HTMLPDF 77.95.290Chinook and coho salmonExternal marking of hatchery-produced fishProgram.
HTMLPDF 77.95.300Chinook and coho salmonExternal marking of hatchery-produced fishRules.
HTMLPDF 77.95.310Report identifying total salmon and steelhead harvest.
HTMLPDF 77.95.320Program utilizing department-partnership agreements to operate and manage certain hatcheriesSelection of partnersPartnership agreements.
HTMLPDF 77.95.330Powers and authorities conferred by chapter to be construed as in addition and supplemental.
HTMLPDF 77.95.340Identification and removal of impediments to fish passage.