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Disposal of forest debrisPermission to allow trees to fall on another's land.

Everyone clearing land or clearing right-of-way for railroad, public highway, private road, ditch, dike, pipe or wire line, or for any other transmission, or transportation utility right-of-way, shall pile and burn or dispose of by other satisfactory means, all forest debris cut thereon, as rapidly as the clearing or cutting progresses, or at such other times as the department may specify, and if during the closed season, in compliance with the law requiring burning permits.
No person clearing any land or right-of-way, or in cutting or logging timber for any purpose, may fell, or permit to be felled, any trees so that they may fall onto land owned by another without first obtaining permission from the owner in addition to complying with the terms of this section for the disposal of refuse. All the terms of this section and other forest laws of the state shall be observed in all clearings of right-of-way or other land on behalf of the state itself or any county thereof, either directly or by contract, and, unless unavoidable emergency prevents, provision shall be made by all officials directing the work for withholding a sufficient portion of the payment therefor until the disposal is completed, to insure the completion of the disposal in compliance with this section.
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