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Disclosure of recipient location to police officer or immigration official.

(1)(a) Upon written request of a person who has been properly identified as an officer of the law or a properly identified United States immigration official the department or authority shall disclose to such officer the current address and location of a recipient of public welfare if the officer furnishes the department or authority with such person's name and social security account number and satisfactorily demonstrates that such recipient is a fugitive, that the location or apprehension of such fugitive is within the officer's official duties, and that the request is made in the proper exercise of those duties.
(b) When the department or authority becomes aware that a public assistance recipient is the subject of an outstanding warrant, the department or authority may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and, if the warrant is valid, provide the law enforcement agency with the location of the recipient.
(2) To the extent allowed under federal law, upon written request of a law enforcement officer from a state, local, or tribal law enforcement agency, the department or authority shall disclose to such officer whether the recipient has accessed his or her public assistance benefits in the last 30 days for the purpose of assisting the officer in confirming whether the recipient is alive if the recipient is the subject of a missing person's report as described in RCW 36.28A.120. For purposes of this section, "law enforcement officer" and "law enforcement agency" have the same meaning as defined in RCW 10.122.020.


Effective dateFindingsIntentReportAgency transferReferences to head of health care authorityDraft legislation2011 1st sp.s. c 15: See notes following RCW 74.09.010.
Short titlePart headings, captions, table of contents not lawExemptions and waivers from federal lawConflict with federal requirementsSeverability1997 c 58: See RCW 74.08A.900 through 74.08A.904.
Severability1973 c 152: See note following RCW 74.04.060.
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