Chapter 74.04 RCW



74.04.004DefinitionsFraud and abuse.
74.04.00511Limitations on "resource" and "income."
74.04.0052Teen applicants' living situationCriteriaPresumptionProtective payeeAdoption referral.
74.04.006Contract of sale of propertyAvailability as a resource or incomeEstablishment.
74.04.011Secretary's authorityPersonnel.
74.04.012Office of fraud and accountability.
74.04.014Office of fraud and accountabilityAuthorityConfidentiality.
74.04.015Administration and disbursement of federal fundsPublic assistanceMedical services programs.
74.04.025Bilingual services for non-English-speaking applicants and recipientsBilingual personnel, whenPrimary language pamphlets and written materials.
74.04.033Notification of availability of basic health plan.
74.04.040Public assistance a joint federal, state, and county functionNotice required.
74.04.050Department to administer certain public assistance programsAuthority to administer medical services programs.
74.04.055Cooperation with federal governmentConstructionConflict with federal requirements.
74.04.057Promulgation of rules and regulations to qualify for federal funds.
74.04.060Records, confidentialExceptionsPenalty.
74.04.062Disclosure of recipient location to police officer or immigration official.
74.04.070County officeAdministrator.
74.04.080County administratorPersonnelBond.
74.04.180Joint county administration.
74.04.200StandardsEstablished, enforced.
74.04.205Simplified reporting for the food stamp program.
74.04.210Basis of allocation of moneys to counties.
74.04.225Opportunity portalAccess to available services facilitatedReport to legislature and governor.
74.04.230Medical care services benefitsMental health services.
74.04.265EarningsDeductions from grants.
74.04.266Aged, blind, or disabled assistanceMedical care servicesEarned income exemption to be established for unemployable persons.
74.04.280Assistance nontransferable and exempt from process.
74.04.290Subpoena of witnesses, books, records, etc.
74.04.300Recovery of payments improperly receivedLienRecipient reporting requirements.
74.04.310Authority to accept contributions.
74.04.330Annual reports by assistance organizationsPenalty.
74.04.340Federal surplus commoditiesCertification of persons eligible to receive commodities.
74.04.350Federal surplus commoditiesNot to be construed as public assistance, eligibility not affected.
74.04.360Federal surplus commoditiesCertification deemed administrative expense of department.
74.04.370Federal surplus commoditiesCounty program, expenses, handling of commodities.
74.04.380Federal and other surplus food commoditiesAgreementsPersonnelFacilitiesCooperation with other agenciesDiscontinuance of program.
74.04.385Unlawful practices relating to surplus commoditiesPenalty.
74.04.480Educational leaves of absence for personnel.
74.04.500Food stamp programAuthorized.
74.04.510Food stamp programRules.
74.04.515Food stamp programDiscrimination prohibited.
74.04.520Food stamp programConfidentiality.
74.04.535Food stamp employment and training program.
74.04.541Supplemental nutrition assistance program benefitsDistribution dates.
74.04.600Supplemental security income programPurpose.
74.04.610Supplemental security income programTermination of federal financial assistance paymentsSupersession by supplemental security income program.
74.04.620State supplement to national program of supplemental security incomeAuthorizedReimbursement of interim assistance, attorneys' fees.
74.04.630State supplementation to national program of supplemental security incomeContractual agreements with federal government.
74.04.635State supplement to national program of supplemental security incomeWorld War II Philippine veterans.
74.04.640Acceptance of referrals for vocational rehabilitationReimbursement.
74.04.650Individuals failing to comply with federal requirements.
74.04.655Vocational rehabilitationAssessment, referral.
74.04.657Veterans' benefitsAssessment for eligibility.
74.04.660Family emergency assistance programExtension of benefits during state of emergency.
74.04.670Long-term care servicesEligibility.
74.04.680Cash benefits in final month of eligibility.
74.04.750Reporting requirementsFood stamp allotments and rent or housing subsidies, consideration as income.
74.04.760Minimum amount of monthly assistance payments.
74.04.770Consolidated standards of needRateable reductionsGrant maximums.
74.04.790Supplementary programReimbursement for employees being victims of assault.
74.04.800Incarcerated parentsPolicies to encourage family contact and engagement.
74.04.805Essential needs and housing support eligibility.
74.04.815Military dependentsHome and community-based services programs.
74.04.820Victims of human trafficking eligibility.
74.04.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Collection agencies to collect public debts: RCW 19.16.500.
IdenticardsIssuance to nondrivers and public assistance recipients: RCW 46.20.117.