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Disposition of earnings.

A prisoner employed under a work release plan shall surrender to the secretary, or to the superintendent of such state correctional institution as shall be designated by the secretary in the plan, his or her total earnings, less payroll deductions required by law, or such payroll deductions as may reasonably be required by the nature of the employment and less such amount which his or her work release plan specifies he or she should retain to help meet his or her personal needs, including costs necessary for his or her participation in the work release plan such as expenses for travel, meals, clothing, tools and other incidentals. The secretary, or the superintendent of the state correctional institution designated in the work release plan shall deduct from such earnings, and make payments from such work release participant's earnings in the following order of priority:
(1) Reimbursement to the department for any expenses advanced for vocational training pursuant to RCW 72.65.020(2), or for expenses incident to a work release plan pursuant to RCW 72.65.090.
(2) Payment of board and room charges for the work release participant: PROVIDED, That if the participant is housed at a state correctional institution, the average daily per capita cost for the operation of such correctional institution, excluding capital outlay expenditures, shall be paid from the work release participant's earnings to the general fund of the state treasury: PROVIDED FURTHER, That if such work release participant is housed in another facility pursuant to agreement, then the charges agreed to between the department and the appropriate authorities of such facility shall be paid from the participant's earnings to such appropriate authorities.
(3) Payments for the necessary support of the work release participant's dependents, if any.
(4) Ten percent for payment of legal financial obligations for all work release participants who have legal financial obligations owing in any Washington state superior court.
(5) Payments to creditors of the work release participant, which may be made at his or her discretion and request, upon proper proof of personal indebtedness.
(6) Payments to the work release participant himself or herself upon parole or discharge, or for deposit in his or her personal account if returned to a state correctional institution for confinement and treatment.
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