Chapter 72.65 RCW



72.65.020Places of confinementExtension of limits authorized, conditionsApplication of section.
72.65.030Application of prisoner to participate in program, contentsApplication of section.
72.65.040Approval or denial of applicationAdoption of work release planTerms and conditionsRevocationReapplicationApplication of section.
72.65.050Disposition of earnings.
72.65.060Earnings not subject to legal process.
72.65.080Contracts with authorities for payment of expenses for housing participantsProcurement of housing facilities.
72.65.090Transportation, clothing, supplies for participants.
72.65.100Powers and duties of secretaryRules and regulationsCooperation of other state agencies directed.
72.65.110Earnings to be deposited in personal fundsDisbursements.
72.65.120Participants not considered agents or employees of the stateContracting with persons, companies, etc., for labor of participants prohibitedEmployee benefits and privileges extended to.
72.65.130Authority of board of prison terms and paroles not impaired.
72.65.200Participation in work release plan or program must be authorized by sentence or RCW 9.94A.728.
72.65.210Inmate participation eligibility standardsDepartment to conduct overall review of work release program.
72.65.220Facility siting process.
72.65.900Effective date1967 c 17.


Victims of crimes, reimbursement by convicted person as condition of work release or parole: RCW 7.68.120.