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Patient's propertyDelivery to superintendent as acquittanceDefense, indemnity.

Upon receipt of a written request signed by the superintendent stating that a designated patient of such hospital is involuntarily hospitalized therein, and that no guardian of his or her estate has been appointed, any person, bank, firm, or corporation having possession of any money, bank accounts, or choses in action owned by such patient, may, if the balance due does not exceed one thousand dollars, deliver the same to the superintendent and mail written notice thereof to such patient at such hospital. The receipt of the superintendent shall be full and complete acquittance for such payment and the person, bank, firm, or corporation making such payment shall not be liable to the patient or his or her legal representatives. All funds so received by the superintendent shall be deposited in such patient's personal account at such hospital and be administered in accordance with this chapter.
If any proceeding is brought in any court to recover property so delivered, the attorney general shall defend the same without cost to the person, bank, firm, or corporation effecting such delivery, and the state shall indemnify such person, bank, firm, or corporation against any judgment rendered as a result of such proceeding.
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