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Integrated, comprehensive screening and assessment process for substance use and mental disorders.

(1) The authority shall maintain an integrated and comprehensive screening and assessment process for substance use and mental disorders and co-occurring substance use and mental disorders.
(a) The process adopted shall include, at a minimum:
(i) An initial screening tool that can be used by intake personnel systemwide and which will identify the most common types of co-occurring disorders;
(ii) An assessment process for those cases in which assessment is indicated that provides an appropriate degree of assessment for most situations, which can be expanded for complex situations;
(iii) Identification of triggers in the screening that indicate the need to begin an assessment;
(iv) Identification of triggers after or outside the screening that indicate a need to begin or resume an assessment;
(v) The components of an assessment process and a protocol for determining whether part or all of the assessment is necessary, and at what point; and
(vi) Emphasis that the process adopted under this section is to replace and not to duplicate existing intake, screening, and assessment tools and processes.
(b) The authority shall consider existing models, including those already adopted by other states, and to the extent possible, adopt an established, proven model.
(c) The integrated, comprehensive screening and assessment process shall be implemented statewide by all substance use disorder and mental health treatment providers and designated crisis responders.
(2) The authority shall provide for adequate training to effect statewide implementation and, upon request, shall report the rates of co-occurring disorders [and] the stage of screening or assessment at which the co-occurring disorder was identified to the appropriate committees of the legislature.
(3) The authority shall establish performance-based contracts with managed care organizations and behavioral health administrative services organizations and implement the integrated screening and assessment process.


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