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Promotion of covered product recycling.

(1) An independent plan and the standard plan must inform covered entities about where and how to reuse and recycle their covered electronic products at the end of the product's life, including providing a website or a toll-free telephone number that gives information about the recycling program in sufficient detail to educate covered entities regarding how to return their covered electronic products for recycling.
(2) The department shall promote covered electronic product recycling by:
(a) Posting information describing where to recycle unwanted covered electronic products on its website;
(b) Providing information about recycling covered electronic products through a toll-free telephone service; and
(c) Developing and providing artwork for use in flyers and signage to retailers upon request.
(3) Local governments shall promote covered electronic product recycling, including listings of local collection sites and services, through existing educational methods typically used by each local government.
(4) A retailer who sells new covered electronic products shall provide information to consumers describing where and how to recycle covered electronic products and opportunities and locations for the convenient collection or return of the products. This requirement can be fulfilled by providing the department's toll-free telephone number and website. Remote sellers may include the information in a visible location on their website as fulfillment of this requirement.
(5) Manufacturers, state government, local governments, retailers, and collection sites and services shall collaborate in the development and implementation of the public information campaign.
[ 2006 c 183 § 12. Formerly RCW 70.95N.120.]
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