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Placement of labelContent of label's noticeTampering with label unlawful.

(1) A label must be placed in a prominent location adjacent to the product name or description on the exterior of the wrapping and packaging in which the asbestos-containing building material is placed for storage, shipment, and sale.
(2) A label must also be placed on the exterior surface of the asbestos-containing building material itself unless it is sold as a liquid or paste, is sand or gravel, or an exemption is granted pursuant to RCW 70A.450.030(3).
(3) Asbestos-containing building materials must have a legible label that clearly identifies it as containing asbestos. The department may adopt rules regarding the implementation of this chapter. At a minimum, the label must state the following:
This product contains ASBESTOS which is known to cause cancer and lung disease. Avoid creating dust. Intentionally removing or tampering with this label is a violation of state law.
(4) It is unlawful for any person to remove, deface, cover, or otherwise obscure or tamper with a label or sticker that has been applied in compliance with this section, unless the asbestos-containing building material is in the possession of the end user.
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