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Distribution of funds for infrastructure and capital development projectsPrerequisites.

Beginning in 2010, when distributing capital funds through competitive programs for infrastructure and economic development projects, all state agencies must consider whether the entity receiving the funds has adopted policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Agencies also must consider whether the project is consistent with:
(1) The state's limits on the emissions of greenhouse gases established in RCW 70A.45.020;
(2) Statewide goals to reduce annual per capita vehicle miles traveled by 2050, in accordance with RCW 47.01.440, except that the agency shall consider whether project locations in rural counties, as defined in RCW 43.160.020, will maximize the reduction of vehicle miles traveled; and
(3) Applicable federal emissions reduction requirements.


Findings2009 c 519: See RCW 70A.05.900.
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