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Department's dutiesEnforcement sequence.

(1) The department shall achieve compliance with RCW 70A.435.030 through the enforcement sequence specified in this section.
(2) To provide assistance in identifying environmentally preferred wheel weights, the department shall, by October 1, 2010, prepare and distribute information regarding this chapter to the maximum extent practicable to:
(a) Persons that replace or balance motor vehicle tires in Washington; and
(b) Persons generally in the motor vehicle tire and wheel weight manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail industries.
(3) The department shall issue a warning letter to a person who fails to comply with RCW 70A.435.030 and offer information or other appropriate assistance. If the person does not comply with RCW 70A.435.030(1) within one year of the department's issuance of the warning letter, the department may assess civil penalties under RCW 70A.435.050.
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