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The legislature hereby finds and declares that:
(1) Phosphorus loading of surface waters can stimulate the growth of weeds and algae, and that such growth can have adverse environmental, health, and aesthetic effects;
(2) Household detergents contribute to phosphorus loading, and that a limit on detergents containing phosphorus can significantly reduce the discharge of phosphorus into the state's surface and ground waters;
(3) Household detergents containing no or very low phosphorus are readily available and that over thirty percent of the United States population lives in areas with a ban on detergents containing phosphorus;
(4) Phosphorus limits on household detergents can significantly reduce treatment costs at those sewage treatment facilities that remove phosphorus from the waste stream; and
(5) While significant reductions of phosphorus from laundry detergent have been accomplished, similar progress in reducing phosphorus contributions from dishwashing detergents has not been achieved.
It is therefore the intent of the legislature to impose a statewide limit on the phosphorus content of household detergents.
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