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Department assistanceBest management practice guidelinesGrantsInteragency agreements authorizedReports.

(1) The department shall assist schools and owners and operators of child care facilities located within the central Puget Sound smelter plume. Such assistance may include the following:
(a) Technical assistance in conducting qualitative evaluations to determine where area-wide soil contamination exposures could occur;
(b) Technical and financial assistance in testing soils where evaluations indicate potential for contamination; and
(c) Technical and financial assistance to implement best management practices.
(2) The department shall develop best management practice guidelines for schools and day care facilities with area-wide soil contamination. The guidelines shall recommend a range of methods for reducing exposure to contaminated soil, considering the concentration, extent, and location of contamination and the nature and frequency of child use of the area.
(3) The department shall develop a grant program to assist schools and child care facilities with implementing best management practices.
(4) The department, within available funds, may provide grants to schools and child care facilities for the purpose of implementing best management practices.
(5) The department, within available funds, may provide financial assistance to the department of health and the department of social and health services to implement this chapter.
(6) The department may, through an interagency agreement, authorize a local health jurisdiction to administer any activity in this chapter that is otherwise not assigned to a local health jurisdiction by this chapter.
(7) The department shall evaluate actions to reduce child exposure to contaminated soils and submit progress reports to the governor and to the appropriate committees of the legislature by December 31, 2006, and December 31, 2008.
[ 2005 c 306 § 4. Formerly RCW 70.140.040.]
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