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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Area-wide soil contamination" means low to moderate arsenic and lead soil contamination dispersed over a large geographic area.
(2) "Child care facility" means a child day-care center or a family day-care provider as those terms are defined under *RCW 74.15.020.
(3) "Department" means the department of ecology.
(4) "Director" means the director of the department of ecology.
(5) "Low to moderate soil contamination" means low level arsenic or lead concentrations where a child's exposure to soil contamination at a school or a child care facility may be reduced through best management practices.
(6) "School" means a public or private kindergarten, elementary, or secondary school.
[ 2005 c 306 § 2. Formerly RCW 70.140.020.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 74.15.020 was amended by 2006 c 265 § 401, removing the definitions for "child day-care center" and "family day-care provider."
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