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Chapter 70A.310 RCW



HTMLPDF 70A.310.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.030LicensesRenewalHearings.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.040Facility operations and decommissioningMonitoring.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.050Radiation perpetual maintenance fundLicensee contributionsDisposition.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.060State authority to acquire property for surveillance sites.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.070Status of acquired state property for surveillance sites.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.080Payment for transferred sites for surveillance.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.090Authority for on-site inspections and monitoring.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.100Licensees' bond requirements.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.110Acceptable bonds.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.120Forfeited bondsUse of fund.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.130Exemptions from bonding requirements.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.140Amounts owed to stateLien created.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.150Amounts owed to the stateCollection by attorney general.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.900Construction.
HTMLPDF 70A.310.901Short title.


Nuclear energy and radiation: Chapter 70A.388 RCW.
Radioactive waste storage and transportation act of 1980: Chapter 70A.390 RCW.