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Chapter 70A.305 RCW



HTMLPDF 70A.305.010Declaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.030Department's powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.040Standard of liabilitySettlement.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.050Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.060Lien authority.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.070Timing of review.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.080Private right of actionRemedial action costs.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.090Remedial actionsExemption from procedural requirements.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.100Grants to local governmentsStatement of environmental benefitsDevelopment of outcome-focused performance measures.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.110Releases of hazardous substancesNoticeExemptions.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.120Puget Sound partners.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.130Cleanup settlement accountReporting requirements.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.140Brownfield redevelopment trust fund accountCreatedReport to the office of financial management and the legislatureRules.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.150Designation of a redevelopment opportunity zoneCriteria.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.160Brownfield renewal authority.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.170Establishment of program to provide informal advice and assistanceCollection of costsExpedited processRulesVoluntary cleanup account.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.180Model toxics control operating account.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.190Model toxics control capital account.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.200Model toxics control stormwater account.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.900Short title1989 c 2.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.901Captions1989 c 2.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.902Construction1989 c 2.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.903Existing agreements1989 c 2.
HTMLPDF 70A.305.904Effective date1989 c 2.


Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability: RCW 43.21A.175.