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Local governments to submit letter of intent to identify or designate zones and submit management plansDepartment to prepare plan in event of failure to act.

(1) Each local government is directed to submit to the director of the department by October 31, 1987, a letter of intent stating that it intends to (a) identify, or designate if necessary, eligible zones for designated zone facilities no later than June 30, 1988, and (b) submit a complete local hazardous waste management plan to the department no later than June 30, 1990. The letters shall also indicate whether these requirements will be completed in conjunction with other local governments.
(2) If any local government fails to submit a letter as provided in subsection (1)(b) of this section, or fails to adopt a local hazardous waste plan for its jurisdiction in accordance with the time schedule provided in this chapter, or fails to secure approval from the department for its local hazardous waste plan in accordance with the time schedule provided in this chapter, the department shall prepare a hazardous waste plan for the local jurisdiction.
[ 1985 c 448 § 8. Formerly RCW 70.105.230.]


Severability1985 c 448: See note following RCW 70A.300.005.
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