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Department's powers as designated agency under federal act.

(1) The department is designated as the state agency for implementing the federal resource conservation and recovery act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 6901 et seq.).
(2) The power granted to the department by this section is the authority to:
(a) Establish a permit system for owners or operators of facilities which treat, store, or dispose of dangerous wastes: PROVIDED, That spent containers of pesticides or herbicides which have been used in normal farm operations and which are not extremely hazardous wastes, shall not be subject to the permit system;
(b) Establish standards for the safe transport, treatment, storage, and disposal of dangerous wastes as may be necessary to protect human health and the environment;
(c) Establish, to implement this section:
(i) A manifest system to track dangerous wastes;
(ii) Reporting, monitoring, recordkeeping, labeling, sampling requirements; and
(iii) Owner, operator, and transporter responsibility;
(d) Enter at reasonable times establishments regulated under this section for the purposes of inspection, monitoring, and sampling; and
(e) Adopt rules necessary to implement this section.
[ 1980 c 144 § 1. Formerly RCW 70.105.130.]
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