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Regulation of dangerous wastes associated with energy facilities.

(1) Nothing in this chapter shall alter, amend, or supersede the provisions of chapter 80.50 RCW, except that, notwithstanding any provision of chapter 80.50 RCW, regulation of dangerous wastes associated with energy facilities from generation to disposal shall be solely by the department pursuant to this chapter. In the implementation of said section, the department shall consult and cooperate with the energy facility site evaluation council and, in order to reduce duplication of effort and to provide necessary coordination of monitoring and on-site inspection programs at energy facility sites, any on-site inspection by the department that may be required for the purposes of this chapter shall be performed pursuant to an interagency coordination agreement with the council.
(2) To facilitate the implementation of this chapter, the energy facility site evaluation council may require certificate holders to remove from their energy facility sites any dangerous wastes, controlled by this chapter, within ninety days of their generation.
[ 2020 c 20 § 1284; 1987 c 488 § 3; 1984 c 237 § 3; 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 101 § 11. Formerly RCW 70.105.110.]
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