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Biosolid management program—Transportation of biosolids and sludge.

(1) The department shall adopt rules to implement a biosolid management program within twelve months of the adoption of federal rules, 40 C.F.R. Sec. 503, relating to technical standards for the use and disposal of sewage sludge. The biosolid management program shall, at a minimum, conform with all applicable federal rules adopted pursuant to the federal clean water act as it existed on February 4, 1987.
(2) In addition to any federal requirements, the state biosolid management program may include, but not be limited to, an education program to provide relevant legal and scientific information to local governments and citizen groups.
(3) Rules adopted by the department under this section shall provide for public input and involvement for all state and local permits.
(4) Materials that have received a permit as a biosolid shall be regulated pursuant to this chapter.
(5) The transportation of biosolids and municipal sewage sludge shall be governed by Title 81 RCW. Certificates issued by the utilities and transportation commission before June 11, 1992, that include or authorize transportation of municipal sewage sludge shall continue in force and effect and be interpreted to include biosolids.
[ 1992 c 174 s 4. Formerly RCW 70.95J.020.]
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