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Requirements for accepting used batteries by retailers of vehicle batteriesNotice.

A person selling vehicle batteries at retail in the state shall:
(1) Accept, at the time of purchase of a replacement battery, in the place where the new batteries are physically transferred to the purchasers, and in a quantity at least equal to the number of new batteries purchased, used vehicle batteries from the purchasers, if offered by the purchasers. When a purchaser fails to provide an equivalent used battery or batteries, the purchaser may reclaim the core charge paid under RCW 70A.205.520 by returning, to the point of purchase within thirty days, a used battery or batteries and a receipt showing proof of purchase from the establishment where the replacement battery or batteries were purchased; and
(2) Post written notice which must be at least eight and one-half inches by eleven inches in size and must contain the universal recycling symbol and the following language:
(a) "It is illegal to put a motor vehicle battery or other vehicle battery in your garbage."
(b) "State law requires us to accept used motor vehicle batteries or other vehicle batteries for recycling, in exchange for new batteries purchased."
(c) "When you buy a battery, state law also requires us to include a core charge of five dollars or more if you do not return your old battery for exchange."
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