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Fee on the retail sale of new replacement vehicle tiresFailure to collect, pay to departmentPenalties.

(1) The fee required by this chapter, to be collected by the seller, shall be deemed to be held in trust by the seller until paid to the department of revenue, and any seller who appropriates or converts the fee collected to his or her own use or to any use other than the payment of the fee to the extent that the money required to be collected is not available for payment on the due date as prescribed in this chapter is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.
(2) In case any seller fails to collect the fee imposed in this chapter or, having collected the fee, fails to pay it to the department of revenue in the manner prescribed by this chapter, whether such failure is the result of his or her own acts or the result of acts or conditions beyond his or her control, he or she shall, nevertheless, be personally liable to the state for the amount of the fee.
(3) The amount of the fee, until paid by the buyer to the seller or to the department of revenue, shall constitute a debt from the buyer to the seller and any seller who fails or refuses to collect the fee as required with intent to violate the provisions of this chapter or to gain some advantage or benefit, either direct or indirect, and any buyer who refuses to pay any fee due under this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor.
[ 2005 c 354 § 4. Formerly RCW 70.95.515.]


FindingIntentSeverabilityEffective date2005 c 354: See notes following RCW 70A.205.405.
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