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Local board of health regulations to implement the comprehensive planSection not to be construed to authorize counties to operate system.

Each county, or any city, or jurisdictional board of health shall adopt regulations or ordinances governing solid waste handling implementing the comprehensive solid waste management plan covering storage, collection, transportation, treatment, utilization, processing and final disposal including but not limited to the issuance of permits and the establishment of minimum levels and types of service for any aspect of solid waste handling. County regulations or ordinances adopted regarding levels and types of service shall not apply within the limits of any city where the city has by local ordinance determined that the county shall not exercise such powers within the corporate limits of the city. Such regulations or ordinances shall assure that solid waste storage and disposal facilities are located, maintained, and operated in a manner so as properly to protect the public health, prevent air and water pollution, are consistent with the priorities established in RCW 70A.205.005, and avoid the creation of nuisances. Such regulations or ordinances may be more stringent than the minimum functional standards adopted by the department. Regulations or ordinances adopted by counties, cities, or jurisdictional boards of health shall be filed with the department.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the operation of a solid waste collection system by counties.
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