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Outdoor burningPermits issued by political subdivisions.

In addition to any other powers granted to them by law, the fire protection agency, county, or conservation district issuing burning permits shall regulate or prohibit outdoor burning as necessary to prevent or abate the nuisances caused by such burning. No fire protection agency, county, or conservation district may issue a burning permit in an area where the department or local board has declared any stage of impaired air quality per RCW 70A.15.3580 or any stage of an air pollution episode. All burning permits issued shall be subject to all applicable fee, permitting, penalty, and enforcement provisions of this chapter. The permitted burning shall not cause damage to public health or the environment.
Any entity issuing a permit under this section may charge a fee at the level necessary to recover the costs of administering and enforcing the permit program.


Finding1991 c 199: See note following RCW 70A.15.1005.
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