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Operating permitsFindings.

The legislature finds that:
(1) The responsibility for ensuring that the citizens of this state have a safe and reliable drinking water supply is shared between local government and state government, and is the obligation of every public water system;
(2) A rapid increase in the number of public water systems supplying drinking water to the citizens of this state has significantly increased the burden on both local and state government to monitor and enforce compliance by these systems with state laws that govern planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, financing, management, and emergency response;
(3) The federal safe drinking water act imposes on state and local governments and the public water systems of this state significant new responsibilities for monitoring, testing, and treating drinking water supplies; and
(4) Existing drinking water programs at both the state and local government level need additional authorities to enable them to more comprehensively and systematically address the needs of the public water systems of this state and assure that the public health and safety of its citizens are protected.
Therefore, annual operating permit requirements shall be established in accordance with this chapter. The operating permit requirements shall be administered by the department and shall be used as a means to assure that public water systems provide safe and reliable drinking water to the public. The department and local government shall conduct comprehensive and systematic evaluations to assess the adequacy and financial viability of public water systems. The department may impose permit conditions, requirements for system improvements, and compliance schedules in order to carry out the purpose of chapter 304, Laws of 1991.
[ 1991 c 304 § 1. Formerly RCW 70.119A.100.]


Requirements effective upon adoption of rules1991 c 304: "The department shall adopt rules necessary to implement sections 5 through 7 of this act. The requirements of this act shall take effect upon adoption of rules pursuant to this act." [ 1991 c 304 § 8.]
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