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Local health officer duties—Electronic data systems.

In a marine recovery area, each local health officer shall:
(1) Require that on-site sewage disposal system maintenance specialists, septic tank pumpers, or others performing on-site sewage disposal system inspections submit reports or inspection results to the local health jurisdiction regarding any failing system; and
(2) Develop and maintain an electronic data system of all on-site sewage disposal systems within a marine recovery area to enable the local health jurisdiction to actively manage on-site sewage disposal systems. In assisting development of electronic data systems, the department shall work with local health jurisdictions with marine recovery areas and the on-site sewage disposal system industry to develop common forms and protocols to facilitate sharing of data. A marine recovery area on-site sewage disposal electronic data system must be compatible with all on-site sewage disposal electronic data systems used throughout a local health jurisdiction.
[ 2006 c 18 s 6. Formerly RCW 70.118A.060.]
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