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Powers and duties.

In the performance of its functions the department may, in addition to any other acts authorized by law:
(1) Establish advisory committees to advise with and make recommendations to the department concerning legislation, policies, administration, research, and other matters;
(2) Establish by regulation or order such standards and instructions to govern the carrying out of research or projects in weather modification and control as the department may deem necessary or desirable to minimize danger to health or property; and make such rules and regulations as are necessary in the performance of its powers and duties;
(3) Make such studies, investigations, obtain such information, and hold such hearings as the department may deem necessary or proper to assist it in exercising its authority or in the administration or enforcement of this chapter or any regulations or orders issued thereunder;
(4) Appoint and fix the compensation of such personnel, including specialists and consultants, as are necessary to perform its duties and functions;
(5) Acquire, in the manner provided by law, such materials, equipment, and facilities as are necessary to perform its duties and functions;
(6) Cooperate with public or private agencies in the performance of the department's functions or duties and in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter;
(7) Represent the state in any and all matters pertaining to plans, procedures, or negotiations for interstate compacts relating to weather modification and control.
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