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Temporary management programPurposesVoluntary participationTemporary management duties, durationRules.

(1) When the department has summarily suspended a license, the licensee may, subject to the department's approval, elect to participate in a temporary management program. All provisions of this section shall apply.
The purposes of a temporary management program are as follows:
(a) To mitigate dislocation and transfer trauma of residents while the department and licensee may pursue dispute resolution or appeal of a summary suspension of license;
(b) To facilitate the continuity of safe and appropriate resident care and services;
(c) To preserve a residential option that meets a specialized service need and/or is in a geographical area that has a lack of available providers; and
(d) To provide residents with the opportunity for orderly discharge.
(2) Licensee participation in the temporary management program is voluntary. The department shall have the discretion to approve any temporary manager and the temporary management arrangements. The temporary management shall assume the total responsibility for the daily operations of the home.
(3) The temporary management shall contract with the licensee as an independent contractor and is responsible for ensuring that all minimum licensing requirements are met. The temporary management shall protect the health, safety, and well-being of the residents for the duration of the temporary management and shall perform all acts reasonably necessary to ensure that residents' needs are met. The licensee is responsible for all costs related to administering the temporary management program and contracting with the temporary management. The temporary management agreement shall at a minimum address the following:
(a) Provision of liability insurance to protect residents and their property;
(b) Preservation of resident trust funds;
(c) The timely payment of past due or current accounts, operating expenses, including but not limited to staff compensation, and all debt that comes due during the period of the temporary management;
(d) The responsibilities for addressing all other financial obligations that would interfere with the ability of the temporary manager to provide adequate care and services to residents; and
(e) The authority of the temporary manager to manage the home, including the hiring, managing, and firing of employees for good cause, and to provide adequate care and services to residents.
(4) The licensee and department shall provide written notification immediately to all residents, legal representatives, interested family members, and the state long-term care ombuds program, of the temporary management and the reasons for it. This notification shall include notice that residents may move from the home without notifying the licensee in advance, and without incurring any charges, fees, or costs otherwise available for insufficient advance notice, during the temporary management period.
(5) The temporary management period under this section concludes twenty-eight days after issuance of the formal notification of enforcement action or conclusion of administrative proceedings, whichever date is later. Nothing in this section precludes the department from revoking its approval of the temporary management and/or exercising its licensing enforcement authority under this chapter. The department's decision whether to approve or to revoke a temporary management arrangement is not subject to the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW.
(6) The department is authorized to adopt rules implementing this section. In implementing this section, the department shall consult with consumers, advocates, and organizations representing adult family homes. The department may recruit and approve qualified, licensed providers interested in serving as temporary managers.


IntentEffective dateDisposition of property and fundsAssignment/delegation of contractual rights or duties2009 c 560: See notes following RCW 18.06.080.
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