Chapter 67.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 67.16.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 67.16.012Washington horse racing commissionCreationTermsVacanciesBondsOaths.
HTMLPDF 67.16.014Washington horse racing commissionEx officio nonvoting members.
HTMLPDF 67.16.015Washington horse racing commissionOrganizationSecretaryRecordsAnnual reports.
HTMLPDF 67.16.017Washington horse racing commissionCompensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 67.16.020Duties of commissionRace meet licenseSuspension.
HTMLPDF 67.16.040Commission to regulate and license meetsInspection.
HTMLPDF 67.16.045Criminal history recordsDissemination.
HTMLPDF 67.16.050Application for meetIssuance of licenseFeeCancellation, grounds, procedure.
HTMLPDF 67.16.060Prohibited practicesParimutuel system permittedRace meet as public nuisance.
HTMLPDF 67.16.065Use of public assistance electronic benefit cards prohibitedLicensee to report violations.
HTMLPDF 67.16.070Races for local breeders.
HTMLPDF 67.16.075Breeder's awards and owner's bonusesEligibilityCertification.
HTMLPDF 67.16.080Horses to be registered.
HTMLPDF 67.16.090Races not limited to horses of same breed.
HTMLPDF 67.16.100Disposition of fees"Fair fund."
HTMLPDF 67.16.101Legislative findingResponsibilities of horse racing commissionAvailability of interest on one percent of gross receipts to support nonprofit race meets.
HTMLPDF 67.16.102Withholding of additional one percent of gross receiptsPayment to ownersInterest payment on one percent and amount retained by commissionReimbursement for new racetracks.
HTMLPDF 67.16.105Gross receiptsCommission's percentageDistributions.
HTMLPDF 67.16.110Broadcasting and motion picture rights reserved.
HTMLPDF 67.16.130Nonprofit race meetsLicensingFees.
HTMLPDF 67.16.140Employees of commissionEmployment restriction.
HTMLPDF 67.16.150Employees of commissionCommissionersFinancial interest restrictions.
HTMLPDF 67.16.160Rules implementing conflict of interest lawsWagers by commissioner.
HTMLPDF 67.16.170Gross receiptsRetention of percentage by licensees.
HTMLPDF 67.16.175Exotic wagersRetention of percentage by race meets.
HTMLPDF 67.16.200Parimutuel wagering at satellite locationsSimulcasts.
HTMLPDF 67.16.230Satellite locationsFees.
HTMLPDF 67.16.251Handicapping contests.
HTMLPDF 67.16.260Advance deposit wagering.
HTMLPDF 67.16.270Violation of commission rulesPenalties.
HTMLPDF 67.16.275Washington horse racing commission Washington bred owners' bonus fund and breeder awards account.
HTMLPDF 67.16.280Washington horse racing commission operating account.
HTMLPDF 67.16.285Washington horse racing commission class C purse fund account.
HTMLPDF 67.16.300Industrial insurance premium assessments.
HTMLPDF 67.16.900SeverabilityGeneral repealer1933 c 55.


Agister and trainer liens: Chapter 60.56 RCW.
Crimes and punishmentsGambling: Chapters 9.46 and 9.47 RCW.
Exemptions to commission merchant's act: RCW 20.01.030.
Problem gambling, information for: RCW 9.46.071.