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Wine importer's licensePrincipal officeReportLabelsFee.

There shall be a license for wine importers that authorizes the licensee to import wine purchased from certificate of approval holders into the state of Washington. The licensee may also import, from suppliers located outside of the United States, wine manufactured outside the United States.
(1) Wine so imported may be sold to licensed wine distributors or exported from the state.
(2) Every person, firm, or corporation licensed as a wine importer shall establish and maintain a principal office within the state at which shall be kept proper records of all wine imported into the state under this license.
(3) No wine importer's license shall be granted to a nonresident of the state nor to a corporation whose principal place of business is outside the state until such applicant has established a principal office and agent within the state upon which service can be made.
(4) As a requirement for license approval, a wine importer shall enter into a written agreement with the board to furnish on or before the twentieth day of each month, a report under oath, detailing the quantity of wine sold or delivered to each licensed wine distributor. Failure to file such reports may result in the suspension or cancellation of this license.
(5) Wine imported under this license must conform to the provisions of RCW 66.28.110 and have received label approval from the board. The board shall not certify wines labeled with names that may be confused with other nonalcoholic beverages whether manufactured or produced from a domestic winery or imported nor wines that fail to meet quality standards established by the board.
(6) The license fee shall be one hundred sixty dollars per year.


Effective date2004 c 160: See note following RCW 66.04.010.
Effective date1997 c 321: See note following RCW 66.24.010.
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