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Chapter 66.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 66.24.010LicensureIssuanceConditions and restrictionsLimitationsTemporary licenses.
HTMLPDF 66.24.012License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 66.24.013License suspensionElectronic benefit cards.
HTMLPDF 66.24.015Nonrefundable application fee for retail license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.025Transfer of licenseFeeExceptionCorporate changes, approvalFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.035Combination spirits, beer, and wine license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.055Spirits distributor license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.065Spirits license fee distribution.
HTMLPDF 66.24.120Vacation of suspension on payment of penalty.
HTMLPDF 66.24.140Distiller's licenseFeeOn-premises and off-premises consumptionTasting room age restrictions.
HTMLPDF 66.24.145Craft distilleryOn-premises and off-premises consumptionTasting room age restrictions.
HTMLPDF 66.24.146Tasting room license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.1471Distilleries, craft distilleries, off-site tasting roomsFood offerings requiredRules.
HTMLPDF 66.24.1472Jointly operated off-site tasting roomsJointly operated consumption areas.
HTMLPDF 66.24.1473Off-site tasting roomsNumber of licenses.
HTMLPDF 66.24.1474Distilleries, craft distilleries, off-site tasting roomsObtaining a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.148Distilleries, craft distilleries, off-site tasting roomsRules.
HTMLPDF 66.24.150Manufacturer's licenseScopeFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.155Alcohol manufacturersAncillary activitiesPenalties.
HTMLPDF 66.24.160Spirits importer's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.165Local wine industry association licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.170Domestic winery licenseWinery as distributor and/or retailer of own wineOff-premises samplesDomestic wine made into sparkling wineSales at qualifying farmers markets.
HTMLPDF 66.24.175Farmers marketsWine and beer sampling endorsement.
HTMLPDF 66.24.179Wine retailer reseller endorsementBeer and/or wine specialty shop licensee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.185Bonded wine warehouse storage licenseQualifications and requirementsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.191Wine transfers.
HTMLPDF 66.24.200Wine distributor's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.203Wine importer's licensePrincipal officeReportLabelsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.206Out-of-state wineryCertificate of approvalFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.210Imposition of taxes on sales of wine and ciderAdditional taxesDistributions.
HTMLPDF 66.24.215Levy of assessment on wine producers and growers to fund wine commissionAssessment rate changesProceduresDisbursementContinuation.
HTMLPDF 66.24.230Monthly reports of domestic winery, wine certificate of approval holder, wine importer, and wine distributorProhibited, authorized sales.
HTMLPDF 66.24.240Domestic brewery's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.244Microbrewery's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.246On-premises endorsementSale of beer by domestic wineriesSale of wine by domestic breweries or microbreweriesFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.248Packaging services endorsement.
HTMLPDF 66.24.250Beer distributor's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.261Beer importer's licensePrincipal officeReportLabelsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.270Manufacturer's monthly report of malt liquor or strong beer salesCertificate of approvalReport for out-of-state or imported beerFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.290Authorized, prohibited salesMonthly reportsAdded taxDistributionLate payment penaltyAdditional taxes, purposes.
HTMLPDF 66.24.305Refunds of taxes on unsalable wine and beer.
HTMLPDF 66.24.310Representative's licenseQualificationsConditions and restrictionsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.320Beer and/or wine restaurant licenseContainersFeeCaterer's endorsement.
HTMLPDF 66.24.330Tavern licenseFees.
HTMLPDF 66.24.350Snack bar licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.354Combined licenseSale of beer and wine for consumption on and off premisesConditionsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.360Grocery store licenseFeesRestricted licenseDetermination of public interestInventoryEndorsements.
HTMLPDF 66.24.363Grocery storeBeer and wine tasting endorsement.
HTMLPDF 66.24.371Beer and/or wine specialty shop licenseFeeSamplesRestricted licenseDetermination of public interestInventory.
HTMLPDF 66.24.375"Society or organization" defined for certain purposes.
HTMLPDF 66.24.380Special occasion licenseFeePenalty.
HTMLPDF 66.24.395Interstate common carrier's licensesClass CCIFeesScope.
HTMLPDF 66.24.400Liquor by the drink, spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenseLiquor by the bottle for hotel or club guestsSoju endorsementRemoving unconsumed liquor, when.
HTMLPDF 66.24.410Liquor by the drink, spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenseTerms defined.
HTMLPDF 66.24.420Liquor by the drink, spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenseSchedule of feesLocationNumber of licensesCaterer's endorsement.
HTMLPDF 66.24.425Liquor by the drink, spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenseRestaurants not serving the general public.
HTMLPDF 66.24.450Liquor by the drink, spirits, beer, and wine private club licenseQualificationsFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.452Private club beer and wine licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.455Bowling establishmentsExtension of premises to concourse and lane areasBeer and/or wine restaurant, tavern, snack bar, spirits, beer, and wine restaurant, spirits, beer, and wine private club, or beer and wine private club licensees.
HTMLPDF 66.24.481Public place or clubLicense or permit requiredPenalty.
HTMLPDF 66.24.495Nonprofit arts organization licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.520Grower's licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.530Duty free exporter's licenseClass SFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.540Motel licenseFee.
HTMLPDF 66.24.550Beer and wine gift delivery licenseFeeLimitations.
HTMLPDF 66.24.570Sports entertainment facility licenseFeeCaterer's endorsementFinancial arrangementsReporting.
HTMLPDF 66.24.580Public house licenseFeesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 66.24.590Hotel licenseFeeLimitations.
HTMLPDF 66.24.600Nightclub license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.610VIP airport lounge operator.
HTMLPDF 66.24.620Sale of spirits by a holder of a spirits distributor or spirits retail licenseState liquor store closure.
HTMLPDF 66.24.630Spirits retail license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.632Spirits retail licenseeCombination spirits, beer, and wine licenseeLicense issuance fee exemption.
HTMLPDF 66.24.640Licensed distillers operating as spirits retailers/distributors.
HTMLPDF 66.24.650Theater licenseBeer, strong beer, and wine.
HTMLPDF 66.24.655Theater licenseSpirits, beer, strong beer, and wine.
HTMLPDF 66.24.660Liquor sales at self-checkout registers.
HTMLPDF 66.24.670Liquor sampling activities.
HTMLPDF 66.24.675Beer and wine sampling on licensee premises.
HTMLPDF 66.24.680Senior center license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.690Caterer's license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.695Bonded and nonbonded spirits warehouse license.
HTMLPDF 66.24.700Gift certificates.
HTMLPDF 66.24.710Takeout or delivery.
HTMLPDF 66.24.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Minors, access to tobacco, role of liquor and cannabis board: Chapter 70.155 RCW.