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Manner of sale of personal propertyBill of saleSheriff's deed if real estate contract.

If the sale is of personal property capable of manual delivery, and not in the possession of a third person, it shall be within view of those who attend the sale and shall be sold in such parcels as are likely to bring the highest price; and upon receipt of the purchase money, the sheriff shall deliver the property to the purchaser and shall give a bill of sale containing an acknowledgment of the payment if the purchaser requests it. A vendor's interest under a real estate contract, including vendor's legal title to the real property, shall be treated as personal property for purposes of sale, but the sheriff shall give the purchaser both a bill of sale covering the vendor's interest under the contract and a sheriff's deed covering the vendor's legal title to the real property. In all other sales of personal property, the sheriff shall give the purchaser a bill of sale with an acknowledgment of payment. The sheriff shall return the proceeds with the execution to the clerk who issued the writ for payment as required by law.
[ 1987 c 442 § 607; Code 1881 § 362; 1877 p 78 § 365; 1869 p 94 § 358; 1854 p 183 § 270; RRS § 586. Formerly RCW 6.24.050.]
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