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In all proceedings provided by this title prior to court review involving dispute of an individual's initial determination, or claim for waiting period credit, or for benefits, the fees of all witnesses attending such proceedings pursuant to subpoena shall be paid at the rate fixed by such regulation as the commissioner shall prescribe and such fees and all costs of such proceedings otherwise chargeable to such individual, except charges for services rendered by counsel or other agent representing such individual, shall be paid out of the unemployment compensation administration fund. In all other respects and in all other proceedings under this title the rule in civil cases as to costs and attorney fees shall apply: PROVIDED, That cost bills may be served and filed and costs shall be taxed in accordance with such regulation as the commissioner shall prescribe.
[ 1945 c 35 § 126; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 9998-264.]


Costs and attorneys' fees: Chapter 4.84 RCW.
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