Chapter 50.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 50.32.010Appeal tribunals.
HTMLPDF 50.32.020Filing of benefit appeals.
HTMLPDF 50.32.025Mailed appeal or petition.
HTMLPDF 50.32.030Appeal from order and notice of assessment.
HTMLPDF 50.32.040Benefit appeal procedure.
HTMLPDF 50.32.050Contributions appeal procedure.
HTMLPDF 50.32.060Conduct of appeal hearings.
HTMLPDF 50.32.070Petition for review by commissioner.
HTMLPDF 50.32.075Waiver of time for appeal or petition.
HTMLPDF 50.32.080Commissioner's review procedure.
HTMLPDF 50.32.090Finality of commissioner's decision.
HTMLPDF 50.32.095Commissioner's decisions as precedentsPublication.
HTMLPDF 50.32.097Applicability of finding, determination, etc., to other action.
HTMLPDF 50.32.100Costs.
HTMLPDF 50.32.110Fees for administrative hearings.
HTMLPDF 50.32.120Procedure for judicial review.
HTMLPDF 50.32.130Undertakings on seeking judicial review.
HTMLPDF 50.32.140Interstate petitions to Thurston county.
HTMLPDF 50.32.150Jurisdiction of court.
HTMLPDF 50.32.160Attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 50.32.170Decision final by agreement.
HTMLPDF 50.32.180Remedies of title exclusive.
HTMLPDF 50.32.190Costs, charges, and expenses.