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Sale at public auction.

(1) If real property acquired by the department under this chapter is not sold, conveyed, or leased to a public or private entity within six years of its acquisition by the department, the department may, in its discretion, sell the property at public auction in accordance with subsections (2) through (5) of this section.
(2) The department shall first give notice of the sale by publication on the same day of the week for two consecutive weeks, with the first publication at least two weeks before the date of the auction, in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the area where the property to be sold is located. The notice shall be placed in both the legal notices section and the real estate classified section of the newspaper. The notice shall contain a description of the property, the time and place of the auction, and the terms of the sale. The sale may be for cash or by real estate contract.
(3) In accordance with the terms set forth in the notice, the department shall sell the property at the public auction to the highest and best bidder if the bid is equal to or higher than the appraised fair market value of the property.
(4) If no bids are received at the auction or if all bids are rejected, the department may, in its discretion, enter into negotiations for the sale of the property or may list the property with a licensed real estate broker. No property may be sold by negotiations or through a broker for less than the property's appraised fair market value. Any offer to purchase real property under this subsection shall be in writing and may be rejected at any time before written acceptance by the department.
(5) Conveyances made under this section shall be by deed executed by the secretary of transportation and shall be duly acknowledged.
(6) All moneys received under this section shall be deposited in the essential rail banking account of the general fund.


ConstructionSeverability1991 sp.s. c 15: See note following RCW 46.68.110.
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