Chapter 47.76 RCW



47.76.200Legislative findings.
47.76.210State freight rail program.
47.76.220State rail planContents.
47.76.230Freight rail planningRailroad safety.
47.76.240Rail preservation program.
47.76.250Essential rail assistance accountPurposes.
47.76.255Essential rail assistance accountDeposit of revenue from lease or operations on Palouse River and Coulee City rail lines.
47.76.270Essential rail banking account merged into essential rail assistance account.
47.76.280Sale or lease for use as rail serviceTime limit.
47.76.290Sale or lease for other useAuthorized buyers, notice, terms, deed, deposit of moneys.
47.76.300Sale for other useGovernmental entity.
47.76.310Rent or lease of lands.
47.76.320Sale at public auction.
47.76.330Eminent domain exemptions.
47.76.350Monitoring federal rail policies.
47.76.360Transfer of funds in excess of grain train program operating needs or capital reserves authorized.
47.76.370Royal Slope railroad right-of-wayTransfer, reversion, agreement.
47.76.400Produce railcar poolFindingsIntent.
47.76.410Produce railcar poolDefinition.
47.76.420Produce railcar poolDepartmental authority.
47.76.430Produce railcar poolFunding.
47.76.440Produce railcar poolManagement.
47.76.450Produce railcar pool account.