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RulesControl of vehicles enteringRamp closure, metering, or restrictionsNotice.

(1) The department may adopt rules for the control of vehicles entering any state limited access highway as it deems necessary (a) for the efficient or safe flow of traffic traveling upon any part of the highway or connections with it or (b) to avoid exceeding federal, state, or regional air pollution standards either along the highway corridor or within an urban area served by the highway.
(2) Rules adopted by the department pursuant to subsection (1) of this section may provide for the closure of highway ramps or the metering of vehicles entering highway ramps or the restriction of certain classes of vehicles entering highway ramps (including vehicles with less than a specified number of passengers), and any such restrictions may vary at different times as necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned in subsection (1) of this section.
(3) Vehicle restrictions authorized by rules adopted pursuant to this section are effective when proper notice is given by any police officer, or by appropriate signals, signs, or other traffic control devices.
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